Resealable Press Seal Bags Polyethylene 60u Thickness

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SKU PSB-020224
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Press Lock Transparent Plastic Bags

Used for packing various parts and items

Pack Size = 1000 units

Made from transparent 60 micron Low Density Polyethylene (LD PE) these bags have a reliable press seal lock strip at the top, and 3 red lines across the top on the opening.

The largest size (220x280) size has an air release hole near the top.

The bags have a punched hole on the top flap for easy hanging.

The dimensions refer to the holding area, and don't include the 25mm strip at the top.

First measurement is width (opening) second measurement is length.

This bag is not rated or certified for use with food.

Carton of 1000 units (attached head to head in pairs)