Plastic Pin Ticket Holder TIC12

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SKU TIC12-60
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White Plastic Needle Ticket and Sign Holder

Used for displaying cards, tickets, signs in Florists, Cafe's, Deli's, Grocery stores and Supermarkets.

Pack of 100 units


A discreet and effective way of displaying tickets in various settings. The pin can puncture various organic and synthetic textures to hold a ticket. The pin has a diameter of 3mm.

The ticket holder has a overlap at the bottom to grip tickets and a lock in overlap at the top to secure the media. Suitable for tickets and signs from regular paper thickness to 0.6mm.

TIC12-60: Total length 103mm, 40mm needle, 60mm ticket holder

TIC12-80: Total length 125mm, 40mm needle, 80mm ticket holder

Pack of 100

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