Hang Strip Display Strips on Reel REF-182

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Plastic Hang Strip Reel REF182

Used for hanging hangsell product in retail & grocery stores.

Pack Size = Reel of 2000 hooks (100 meters)

This product gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently have custom sized hangstrips for your store. The reel can be cut to size as required to hang as many products as required or to suit available space. Every 5cm there is one hook that can be used to hang the strip from retail shelving or gondola upright posts.  One prong (or two if you turn it upside down) can be pulled out to hold the hangsell product and the others come over to lock in the product.

For uses where a header is required, a header card can also be added (REF-152) for better presentation and branding. Header card REF-152 has peel off adhesive and can be reinforced with a snap lock river DIS11A.

Transparent Polypropylene with 0.5mm thickness.

Strip is 35mm wide with a hole and pop out clip every 50mm

1 unit consists of a reel of 2000 hooks (100 meters)

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