Gondola Post Banner Arm Sign Holder with Telescopic Rod and 2 Hooks BAN-AS

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SKU BAN-AS-400+400
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Telescopic Horizontal Sign Arm for Gondola Upright Posts (40cm to 80cm)

Used in supermarkets to hold drop down banners and aisle signs

Pack of 10

A light and strong banner holder arm that slides in to gondola uprights and protrudes outwards. Two hooks on the end allow it to hold various drop down banners, signs, aisle blades and aisle interruptions. The length can be easily adjusted from min 40cm to max 80cm.

The arm can sway side to side when bumped into or pushed but sits straight when installed. It can be removed by pushing the base outwards and inwards. A smart slider bracket allows for it to fit a range of posts with different pitches.

One pack includes 10 units