Electrostatic Clear A4 Sign Holder Sleeve POCES

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Soft Clear Electrostatic A4 Sign Sleeve for Windows

Commonly used for window sign display in retail, hospitality and reception as well as sale signs in in cars.

No adhesives, no mess, this electrostatic sign sleeve holds on to glass for prolonged periods of time. Insert your sign or media and just slap it onto your window and adjust orientation and location. Remove anytime without any mess or residue.

Commonly used for opening hours in shop windows, sale signs on windows and mirrors and for sale signs in cars.

To apply, insert your media, peel off the backing sheet and place on window/glass/mirror, pressing down the whole surface. It will instantly grip and if not interfered with, hold on for years. The pockets can be moved and reused but will have reduced grip the more they are relocated and moved.