Easy Push Merchandising Pusher Divider System for Shelves

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EasyPush Modular Merchandising System for Shelves

A modular, efficient and effective system for displaying products on store shelves. The front and back of each unit is designed to snap in to standard shelf T rails. Allowing adjustment of width to suit every product. The length can also be broken off at the back every 25mm to fit any shelf depth. A spring pusher system is designed to push the row of product forward no matter the quantity of the row. This also allows fast and easy refill of shelves.

The Easy Push system, designed and manufactured by Sitour and made from Polycarbonate is loved by supermarkets across the world for it's:

  • Ability to adjust width to changeover products
  • Easy or rearranging the units without tools or shopfitters
  • Ability to fit in most shelves due to the "snap to size" length adjustment
  • Integrated pusher, divider and stopper all in one solution
  • Modular design and interchangeability
  • Made in France from %30 recycled Polycarbonate

The automatic pusher manages the depth of the row of product creating a full rack of merchandise with the front always looking full. Depending on weight on size of product, the Easy Push system can be set up to have two pushers in each row or two have a regular or heavy duty sprint pusher. The flat surface of the pusher also prevents the last item on the shelf from falling over or backwards and allowing a neat row of product on the shelf.

Width can be adjusted to suit different products. This allows easy and fast section changeover in supermarkets.

Snaps on to standard T rails (Click Rails). We also supply magnetic, adhesive, removable and a variety of data strips with T rails.

Works perfectly with a wide range of bottled and boxed packaged goods and similar products that would benefit from straight front facing display on shelves.

Available in 3 sizes and multiple possible setups.

Also available with extra strong pusher for heavier goods.

Available with Electronic or Paper ticket holder accessories.

Click here to see a video on how to install EasyPush

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