Display Caster Wheels for Corrugated Floor Stand Units COR6

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Castor Wheels for Display Units

Used for product displays and display units for ease of movement and ground clearance.

Pack of 4 units

A strong solution for heavier and larger displays or product displays that have longer life expectancy. Each wheel when installed correctly can handle up to 20kg, allowing a stand up to 80kg to be mobile with 4 wheels.

The castor unit is made from transparent plastic has two 90 degree slits with 28mm high walls and 90mm length. The slits are designed with 3 grooves each to accept sheets and panels with thickness in the range of 3mm to 5mm depending on rigidity of the material.

A thread-less hole is located 35mm from the tip where the wheels get screwed in. Wheels must be screwed in using a 12mm Spanner and should not be removed after being screwed in.

The wheels come in regular or brake version. The brake version locks in place when the latch is pushed down.

1 set contains 4 units (4 castors and 4 screw-in wheels)

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