Decorative Christmas Wrap Fabric Red, Blue, Black 100 Meters

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SKU DEC408021
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Decorative Wrapping Fabric Sheet in Rolls of 100 Meters

Used in retail and hospitality to decorate furniture, window displays, pallets, gondolas, etc.

Choose width: 15cm or 60cm

Choose Color: Red, Blue or Black

Pack size = 1 roll 100 Meters in Length

Made from soft synthetic fiber material, this soft brushed fabric is the same color throughout and both sides. Thickness is roughly 0.35mm.

The 15cm width is widely used to wrap around pallets and gondola feet or decorate store furniture around the top. The 15cm width makes it perfect for this kind of retail application.

The 60cm width is favored for window displays, wrapping counters, pots, tables, chairs and retail furniture

Pack size = 1 roll, 100 meter length