Ceiling Hanger Adhesive Base HAN0 HAN1 HAN2 HAN3 HAN4

$8.50 Inc GST

Plastic Hanger Buttons with Adhesive Base

Used for Hanging and suspending material from Ceilings or Walls through an Eyelet or J Hook.

Available in 5 versions

Pack Size = 100 units

Designed to hold hooks and wire for display purposes, these square adhesive buttons stick to a range of smooth surfaces. The base has a permanent foam adhesive tape. There are 5 versions available to suit your exact need. 

Small HAN0: 18x18mm, ⌀ 2.5mm hole

Medium HAN1: 20x20mm, ⌀ 5mm hole

Large HAN3: 26x37mm, ⌀ 5mm hole

Large with Swivel HAN4: 30x30mm, ⌀ 5mm hole

Large with J Hook, HAN2: 25x25mm, ⌀ 8mm hook

White color

Non-removable / Permanent adhesive, removal may leave mark on surface

Pack of 100 units