Brochure Zig Zag Display Holder A4 with Carry Case BRO4

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Expandable Zig-Zag brochure holder with 6 display sides A4 Size

Used for brochure and leaflet display at trade shows, open houses and events.

One expandable brochure holder with carry case.

A fast and efficient way to display literature at events, showrooms, dealerships,.... . This expandable leaflet or brochure holder comes with a suitcase. Just pull out and stretch to one of the two available positions and ensure the strut locks. When required to relocate it can be packed up even with brochures and leaflets still inside and moved easily to the next location with its suitcase.

Each tray is designed to hold an A4 size brochure.

Total height when expanded is max 142cm

Frame is aluminum and trays are Acrylic

One whole unit weights roughly 7kg