Breakable Polycarbonate Shelf Segmentation Divider for T-Rail

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Breakable Shelf Divider with T-Rail Snap-on function and adjustable length

A new and popular divider solution designed to fit on to any standard T-Rail (Click Rail). This new model is breakable every 25mm from the back. The structure is strong but, the break joints are designed in a way not to break easily without leaving any white bend marks or shards. Whatever length is snapped off, the back still functions will T-Rails thanks to the smart design.

Designed and manufactured by France, the breakable range is taking over supermarkets thanks to it's extremely competitive pricing and easy/adaptable function.

Available in 3 Heights:

35mm / 55mm / 100mm

Available in 3 lengths:

380mm can be broken down every 25mm to 180mm

480mm can be broken down every 25mm to 280mm 

580mm can be broken down every 25mm to 380mm


Rails, stopper, pushers and other accessories sold separately.

MOQ on this range is 200 units, lead time of roughly 20 days.

For stock on hand of similar product see DIV3 Breakable Divider and DIV1 Fixed length Divider

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