Breakable Polycarbonate Shelf Segmentation Divider for T-Rail

SKU 125972

Breakable Shelf Divider with T-Rail Snap-on function and adjustable length

A new and popular divider solution designed to fit on to any standard T-Rail. This new model is breakable every 25mm from the back. The structure is strong but the break joints are design in a way not to break easily without leaving any white bend marks or shards. Whatever length is snapped off, the back still functions will T-Rails thanks to the smart design.

designed and manufactured by ISD, the breakable range is taking over supermarkets thanks to it's extremely competetive pricing and easy/adaptable function.

Available in 3 Heights:

35mm / 55mm / 100mm

Available in 3 lengths:

380mm can be broken down every 25mm to 180mm

480mm can be broken down every 25mm to 280mm 

580mm can be broken down every 25mm to 380mm